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Rabat was made the capital city of Morocco in 1913 by the French because Morocco had no fixed capital at the time.

Morocco has always attracted tourists, with its beaches, desert oases, towering mountains, and ancient cities. Now, to take advantage of all the country has to offer, Morocco has developed Plan Azure. It designated six coastal areas as tourist zones. Each zone has its own theme, such as sports, culture, and eco-tourism. Morocco's focus on building its tourism industry has been very successful. In 2013, more than 10 million tourists enjoyed all that Morocco has to offer.
摩洛哥的海滩、沙漠绿洲、高耸的山脉和古老的城市一直吸引着游客。如今为了充分利用国家资源,摩洛哥启动了苍穹计划。它把六个沿海地区确定为旅游区。每个旅游区都有自己的主题,如期货开户 、文化和生态旅游。摩洛哥重点发展旅游业是非常成功的。2013年摩洛哥吸引了1000多万名游客。
As certain areas in the world are deemed to be sustainable and eco-friendly, they are awarded a "Blue Flag" rating. By 2015, 23 Moroccan beaches had achieved this rating for their water quality, wastewater management, and environmental education.
Founded on the banks of the Fez River by Moulay Idriss, Fez remains Morocco's grandest and oldest imperial city. Fez el-bali (Old Fez) is the world's largest active medieval city.
由穆莱·伊德里斯创建的非斯城位于非斯河畔,它是摩洛哥最宏伟、最古老的皇城。Fez el-bali(非斯古城)是世界上最大的仍在运作的中世纪城市。
I was told by our local guide that Moroccans consumed over 30 kilograms of sugar per year –and the chicken pastilla is the perfect example of the sweet and savoury fusion of flavours loved by locals in Morocco. A specialty of the Fez region, a fresh and flaky filo pastry is stuffed with chicken, almonds and flavoured with every spice under the sun, including saffron and cinnamon. While it might sound strange, the combination of flavours is both weird and wonderful.
Even though almost everyone in Morocco is Muslim, the majority follow a less restrictive form of religion. This has at times caused followers of more conservative branches of Islam to look down on Moroccans. The legal system in Morocco is based on Islamic law as well as the Spanish and French civil laws.


Romans began making wine in Morocco over 2,000 years ago. However, with the establishment of Islam in the 7th century A.D., Moroccan vineyards were not kept up. Under the French Protectorate, the Moroccan vineyards were revived and, in 1956, passed into state control. The French company Castel retook control of Moroccan wine production in the 1990s. The Gris de Boulaouane, a rose with an orange tint, is one of the best Moroccan wines.

2000多年前,罗马人就开始在摩洛哥酿造葡萄酒。然而,公元7世纪随着伊斯兰教的建立,摩洛哥的葡萄园没有继续得到管理。在法国摄政期间,摩洛哥的葡萄园得以复兴,并于1956年归国家管理。20世纪90年代法国公司卡斯特重新掌控了摩洛哥的葡萄酒生产。Gris de Boulaouane(带点橘色的玫瑰红葡萄酒)是摩洛哥最好的葡萄酒之一。
At most country markets (souqs) in Morocco, sehirras (witches) can be found who dispense the peculiar ingredients of their trade (curses and potions) and offer advice on their use. Most towns, villages, and medina neighborhoods also have a resident fortune teller (shuwaf for male, shuwaffa for female) who can, for a fee—using cards and other prognostic devices— reveal the unknown or the future.
The English word "genie" comes directly from the Arabic word djinn, denoting a spiritual being that may play some part in human affairs if called upon. In Morocco, djinns are believed to frequent places associated with water: public baths, drains, sinks, and even pots and pans.
Morocco's current royal family, the Alaouites, dates from the 17th century. Sultan Mohammed V, the current monarch's grandfather, organized Morocco as a constitutional monarchy and assumed the title of King in 1957. Mohamed VI has been King of Morocco since July 30, 1999.
Women's rights in Morocco achieved a major step forward in 2004 with the reform of the country's personal status code, the Moudawana. With the reform, women in Morocco can now have custody of their children, the unilateral repudiation of a wife is abolished, and a man's taking of a second wife is subject to the approval of his first wife.
2004年随着摩洛哥个人身份法典《穆达瓦纳法典》的改革,摩洛哥女性获得了股市价值 的权利。在这次改革后,摩洛哥女性如今可以拥有子女的监护权,单方面休妻的做法也被废除,而且男子娶第二个妻子前必须得到第一个妻子的批准。
Morocco's flag is red with a green pentacle (five-pointed linear star) known as Sulayman's (Solomon's) seal in the center of the flag. Red and green are traditional colors in Arab flags, and the pentacle represents the five pillars of Islam and signifies the association between God and the nation.
Nearly 45% of Morocco's workforce is employed in the agricultural sector. Unfortunately, only about 19% of the country's land is farmable. This is due to droughts which occur about once every three years. Morocco's natural resources include phosphates used in plant fertilizers and chemical compounds. Two-thirds of the world's phosphates are in Morocco.

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status ['steitəs]


华西证券股票开户n. 地位,身份,情形,状况

majority [mə'dʒɔriti]


n. 多数,大多数,多数党,多数派

monarch ['mɔnək]


n. 帝王,统治者,元首/nn. 君王斑点蝶

reveal [ri'vi:l]


vt. 显示,透露
n. (外墙与门或窗之间的

control [kən'trəul]


n. 克制,控制,管制,操作装置
vt. 控制

designated ['deziɡ,neitid]


adj. 特指的;指定的

advantage [əd'vɑ:ntidʒ]


n. 优势,有利条件
vt. 有利于

spiritual ['spiritjuəl]


adj. 精神的,心灵的,与上帝有关的

flag [flæg]


n. 旗,旗帜,信号旗
vt. (以旗子)标出

medieval [medi'i:vəl]


adj. 中世纪的